The Following is our home page.

Before you submit your properties, you have to login first.

Click on the Login/Registor button to login or register.




After your click, you will be redirected to the login and register page.

If you haven’t register yet, register by filling the register form on the right.

After you have filled in the form. An email will be sent to your register email with a password in it.

Then you can  fill in your username and password on the left and login to our website.

login register



After you have logged in, there will be some new buttons show up on the top of the page. The Submit button will redirect you to the property submit page.

my pro



In the property submit page, you have to fill in all the information you have about your properties(address, sqft, number of room and some additional details) . After you have filled in all the information. Click submit property button on the bottom to submit.

pro 1




Now You have just submitted your properties and you can  check the properties you have submitted by clicking on the My Properties button on the tosubmit


Note: Your properties will be published on the website after the administrator have viewed it.

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